Thursday, February 21, 2008

Condolences, Thank Yous, and My Macadamia Ginger Bar

I've experienced a great deal of loss and regret in the past two weeks; a culmination of a few difficult things that all, unfortunately, fell during the busiest week of my professional career to date. I didn't intend for such a hiatus from the blog, and I've missed the chance to write about how much I enjoy Eclipse. I think I even forgot how much it meant to me.

That being said, it's a challenging time in my life and I'm spending a lot of time examining myself and my relationships at large. I am so regretful that I never realized how important many of the people in my life were to me, and how generous they were with their time, effort, and love. Eclipse required (and still does) a great deal of energy to develop, and I just couldn't do it by myself. But I've realized that it means nothing unless I can share it with the people in my life that I love so dearly.

Just a few long overdue thank yous:

To my Dad: For always being a phone call away even if you are 1800 miles east, I have grown more from our conversations than you may ever know.
To Tanya: For simply being there, even if I never realized it. And especially for being honest, direct, and helping me confront who I am and how to understand myself.
Autumn: For being an amazing person, inside and out. I want you to know how much I admire the love inside your heart and you're williness to share it.
Oreste: For keeping me grounded. I am amazed by your generosity.
Rachel: For your continuing support and consul: you've always a balanced sounding board.
And Ben: For offering everything you had, unconditionally. I had no idea how much that meant to me.

And I would be amiss not to mention Jen, Grace, Jenny, Marc, Michelle, Brian, Steph, Charlie, Steffi, Micheal, Ernesto, and a dozen other people who have so generously lent a shoulder in the past two weeks. I never meant to take any of you for granted.

Also sincere appreciation for all of you foodies and friends out there who had extended their gratitude and interest in my work; it really keeps me going. Thank you so much.

So for everyone who has experienced sadness or loss recently, or just simply still remembers how hard life can be at times, keep a stiff upper lip and remember that it's all just part of living. Of course it helps to have a little bit of help, and for me I find my center by preparing great food for myself and those close to me. One of the first solid blends I ever made was my Macadamia Ginger bar, and even though its conception was nearly three years ago to the date, I still find it pretty much sums up the good things in life. No need for complicated flavor descriptions, let's just say that it's infused with happiness.

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