Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Balsamic Pink Peppercorn

If you can believe it, we are still recovering from Vday! I'm happy to say this week will be mostly spent catching up on my stock of truffles, and today was no exception. Yesterday we we're down to just three varieties *gasp*. How can you make an assorted box of eight with just three to choose from???

No worries, folks! Well, we're back to eight infusions at the moment and I'm hoping to have at least ten before the weekend.

Earlier in the week I began fooling around with an old standard of mine: Balsamic Pink Peppercorn. Made from 60% dark chocolate ganache infused with raspberry puree and balsamic vinegar, it's enrobed in a 60% dark chocolate shell and topped with an organic pink peppercorn. I've decided to throw the flavors around a bit and begin using a Port Balsamic vinegar made by O Olive Oil (a discovery of mine and Ben's at the Fancy Food Show). This particular vinegar seems to pair better with the peppercorn than just a typical balsamic. It's a pretty huge upgrade! Pink peppercorns, if you've not experienced them before, are actually not true peppercorns at all. They are, in fact, dried berries that after curing resemble peppercorns in size and shape. They certainly have a peppery flavor, but that is tempered with after-notes of rose and cardamom. I've also pumped up the raspberry content and I'm happy to say the result of these upgrades is a much more rewarding and deep flavor profile. And I love how pretty the peppercorn is on top! Take a look:

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