Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Xmas, San Francisco, and Beyond

Well cocoa-babies... the holidays have come and gone and though it's my fifth season with Eclipse, I am time and time again surprised by the lingering excitement of it all! I believe it was sometime mid-month, while I was half-covered in couverture in the kitchen with chocolates comin' outta my ears, I said to myself: "This has GOT TO BE the last batch to truffles before the holiday". If only! My staff found me in the same scenario four more times before December 24th. No complaints here, though.... Ray, Dan, Autumn, August, Susan, Nicole, Jess, and I all had a lovely holiday season filled with lots and lots of excitement... thanks to you all!

So today is January 6th and I am finally catching my breath. But only just long enough to prepare for my national launch of the Eclipse brand! That's right kids, we're leaving on a jet plane in a week bound for SFO and the International Fancy Food Show! Hooray! And if you're reading this, you can rest assured that you got in on the ground floor, baby. Get ready with all those "I knew him when"s. And as exciting as our lives may become, we promise there will always be a place in our chocolate-covered hearts for you all. You always remember your first:)

But just in case international fame isn't knocking on my door before my retirement age, we're conducting business as usual. And I am sure you're wondering why I have yet to post pics from the last dinner or tell anyone what's comin' up next. Well, historically January is my month off from dinners and I have just enough time to pull out all the stops for the next dinner on February 13th and 14th! That's right, next up is our annual Valentine's Sweetheart Dinner. Take a look at the details... because there are many:

Exclusively Saturday February 13th (at 4, 6, & 8pm) and Sunday February 14th (at 11, 1, 4, 6, & 8pm join us for a romantic dinner for two with all the flair. For $95 per couple, our guests will enjoy Four Courses of Surf & Turf accompanied by a Live Violinist! What a deal, eh? All you need do it place your reservation, show up, and we will do the rest.

Menu includes (full vegetarian options available):

Salade Frisee with Roasted Beet Trio, Garlic Croutons, and Candied Cocoa Nibs
Charred Tomato Bisque with White Chocolate-Poached Lobster
Beef Wellington or Brie Wellington Baked En Croute with Cocoa-Mushroom Pate
served with
Rosemary Fingerling Potatoes and Cocoa-Balsamic Jus
and for the finale, a first ever exclusive (!), a tasting flight of
Four Limited Edition Truffles
each infused with an artisan cheese including:
Chevre, Camembert, Gjetost, & Gorganzola Dolce.

We will also be featuring an optional starter plate for $12 of:
 Artisan Cheeses and Dried Fruits with Violet Blossom Confit
Baked Parmesan and Crab Dip with Roasted Garlic Flatbreads

AND! Am optional tasting flight of three wines for $15 paired specifically with the dinner!

Now while your eyes are rolling to the back of your head and your open maw is dripping with salivation, now is the time to get yourself together and call us before its too late. Last year our Valentine's Sweetheart Dinner sold out a full two weeks in advance. Don't wait! Call us now at 619.578.2984 and reserve your table with a credit card. We will do the rest! 

And if you haven't heard of our dinners before... well get out from your cave and join the rest of the world! Here's what we enjoyed last time:

Starter: Sawmill Sausage-Peppercorn Gravy over Buttermilk Chive Biscuits.

First Course: Wilted Greens with Lavender Sea Salt and Candied Cocoa Nibs.

Entree: Fried Green Tomatoes or Coconut Fried Shrimp with Cocoa Butter Grits and Chile Burnt Caramel Peanut Sauce.

Dessert: Baked Cranberry Cobbler with White Chocolate Biscuit Topping and Whipping Creme Fraiche.

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sacitxn said...


I am soooo in LOVE with your blog and store! I want to throw my favorite pillow, books, jammies (and cat) in my truck, drive non-stop (from Texas) and move right in! Please tell me that your writing a recipe book....PUHLEEEEEEZE!!! I'm a follower - and when I win the Mega Million Lottery will you be my personal chef??????