Sunday, August 30, 2009

September Wine, Cheese, and Chocolate Threeway

Our Threeway last week was such a sexy time, we decided to push our calendar up a bit and schedule another one in two weeks. Usually these events come every month, but we sold out for the last one and with our dance card filling up so quickly, we're spreadin' the love more frequently these days.

If you have yet to check our Threeways out, I'm sure you're wondering what the heck I'm blogging out. So check it:

Main Entry: three·way
Function: noun
Definition: Threeway-A form of group se...

Opps, wrong dictionary. Let me grab the chocolate-covered one!

Threeway- A tasting event involving exploring three different gastronomic pleasures at the same seating.

Ahh! Much more appropriate, no? Well it's true, while our Threeway events make for a fun and possibily sexy evening, the focus is on enjoying and exporing nine different tastes (three artisan cheeses, three satisfying wines, and three exotic truffles). The tasting is complete with an open discussion of how our palates appreciate the process of taste and how one taste can effect and change the taste of another.

Our next event is September 16th from 7-8pm and we sell out at just 22 people! Call us for RSVPs at 619.578.2984. Cya then!


Capt Jack said...

nothin like a good 3-way

last one was awesome


Brabantia said...

Wine, cheese, and chocolates! I am really wondering how are you guys able to maintain your figure with the luscious food you often indulge into!